Saturday June 25, 2022 – BOLOGNA (I)


Annual General Meeting


In this meeting:

A new full member entered (or re-entered) our association.

Following the advice of the Administrative Body, decided on in her meeting of 30. October 2021; the General Assembly approved the request of FEAPEN (Spain), done by her letter of 12. October 2021, for her new membership of CPNUE.

Official entrance of FEAPEN (Spain) in CPNUE

The president of FEAPEN, Ms. Carmen García-Berbel, and the president (Mr. Gabriele Rossetti) and general secretary (Mr. Ludwig Rasschaert) signed the “new members agreement”.

From June 25, 2022, FEAPEN (Spain) is member of our Union, what is very important for our combat against the reform (liberalization) of the Latin Notary, and for the improvement of social welfare of all notary employees in Europe’s Latin Notary.

2° A new President and Vice-President are elected:

- As President for the next 2 years: Ms. Wilhelmina VAN BUREN (NL)

- As Vice-President for the next 2 years: Mr. Ludwig RASSCHAERT (B)


3° Are (re)elected as secretary and treasurer:

- As Secretary for the next 2 years: Mr. Gabriele ROSSETTI (I)

- As Treasurer for the next 2 years: Mr. Roger CLENET (F)


4° are elected as Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer:

- As Assistant-Secretary for the next 2 years: Mr. Ludwig RASSCHAERT (B)

- As Treasurer for the next 2 years: Mr. Hubert JANSSENS (B)


This way the Administrative Body was re-elected.

According to the statutes, the Administrative Body must be composed of persons from at least 4 different member countries.

From this it follows that were appointed definitively:

Were appointed:

- As president: Mss. Wilhelmina (Willy) VAN BUREN (NL)

- As Vice-president and Assistent-Secretary: Mr. Ludwig RASSCHAERT (B)

- As General Secretary: Mr. Gabriele ROSSETTI, (I);

- As treasurer: Mr. Roger CLENET (France);

- As Assistant-Treasurer: Mr. Hubert Janssens (B)

The meeting thanked the outgoing president, Mr. Gabriele ROSSETTI, for his efforts and leadership during his term.


Hubert Janssens announced his resignation as administrator and assistant treasurer by email, on the date of December 27, 2022.

Pursuant to the provisions of article 9:6 §2 of the Companies and Associations Code, the administrative body proceeded to co-opt Ms. Françoise BODSON, as new assistant-treasurer;

New Information


Then the other items on the agenda were discussed and approved.